Message from the Chairperson

Kawasaki Hiroya

Welcome to our web site. The Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) was established in 1878. We are the third oldest Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, following the Tokyo and Osaka Chambers, which were founded in the same year.

Since the Port of Kobe was opened to the world in 1868, the City of Kobe has been an international business center in Japan. We humbly would like to mention that the KCCI has contributed to the local economy by promoting international business between local and overseas companies for a long time.

You should not miss business opportunities in Kobe. We shall be more than happy to support you if you may be interested in doing business with Kobe companies or in making a direct investment in Kobe.

Overview of The Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry

kaikanThe Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1878. It has been functioning ever since under a specific national law defining Chamber activities as the function of an essential economic organization in this region. The KCCI contributes to the development of Kobe under its four principles of Democracy, Public Welfare, Impartiality, and Internationality.

The role of a Chamber of Commerce and Industry is, in general, to serve the local business community in an effort to broaden and deepen its economic base and to nurture a business environment. The KCCI aims to organize itself in order to most effectively respond to the needs of its members and the region. This Chamber has at present about 12,000 members, representing the mainstay of Kobe’s commerce and industry.

The KCCI is governed by its members through an Executive Board. The members elect 140 councilors who, in turn, elect an executive board consisting of a Chairman, 5 vice-chairmen, a president, 38 executive councilors, 3 auditors and 4 directors. The president and the 4 directors are members of the professional staff of the Chamber.

Organization of the KCCI

KCCI Membership

■Prerequisite for Membership
Regardless of its scale and nature, any business which has been in operation with business premises in Kobe City will be allowed to join as a member.

Please direct your application and inquiries to the Secretariat.

■Initial Administrative Fees

Personal 2,000 yen
Coporation / organization 3,000 yen

■Types of Membership and Membership Fees

Types Annual Fees
Personal member Individual businessmen
Director of corporate / organization
1 share (15,000 yen) & above
Corporate member Publicly listed companies
Corporate level businessmen
2 shares (30,000 yen, minimum) & above
Group member Guilds
Economic organizations
2 shares (30,000 yen)
Special member
(2 types)
Businessmen outside this region Same as member
Those who agree with the purpose of our Chamber, though they may not be businessmen 1 share (10,000 yen) & above

●Specific Merchants are required to pay a separate operating fee of 4,500 yen (annual fee).
●Initial administrative fees, membership fees and specific merchants’ fee can be written as a loss for accounting purposes. Consumption tax is not charged on these fees.
●Members are entitled to elect and to be elected as councilors of the KCCI every 3 years. The number of votes depends on the membership fee amount. Special members are not entitled to vote.